Xhosa Class #1

A Xhosa woman named Ivy provides us with a meal service and African cooking lessons, as well as lessons in Xhosa (pronounced Kosa). This is our first language lesson. As out lessons progress I will try to include some audio. Xhosa has some distinctive sounds like clicks that are challenging to reproduce.

Here are a couple phrases you might like to try and learn. Xhosa is a phonetic language, so try to pronounce these words and practice them everyday! 🙂

Hello how are you?
Molo kunjani ?  (singular) Molweni ninjani?  (if asking more than one person)

Fine thanks and you?
Ndiphilile enkosi, wena?

Whats your name?
Ngubani igama lakho?

My name is …………
Igama lam ngu …………

Where are you from?
Uvela phi?

How old are you?
Ngubani iminyaka yakho?

What is the time?
Ngubani ixesha?

Person staying says:  hamba(singular) or Hambani (plural)
Hamba kakuhle

Person going says: sala (singular) or salani (plural) kakuhle
Sala kakuhle

Thank you so much.
Enkosi kakhulu