R.O.I. Media — Moving to the New Office

When moving day came, very few of us had seen the new space. We had seen pictures, but they really didn’t do justice to how spacious it is when compared with the old office. The two offices are both located in Gardens, so it was possible to move all of the smaller things, including all of the computers in the staff’s cars, and in a single Friday afternoon. This proved to be a pretty informal process, with plenty of shopping bags on hand. The majority of the physical move was accomplished on a single Friday afternoon. The aftermath of setting everything up took somewhat longer…

The fourth floor space is on the roof of the building, with a huge outdoor rooftop balcony. Table Mountain is prominent in the background, and it is possible to see the both of the Cable stations, as well as the tiny cable cars against the backdrop of the mountain. The view is impressive, to say the least.

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