For most of my life I have wanted to travel. Now I have the opportunity to live in Cape Town, South Africa and share the experience with you. This blog will contain a mix of “Cape Town 101” tips for the newly arrived; stories, photos and videos of people and places; photos of passions like the climbing gym; as well as reflections and social commentary on whatever catches my attention. There will also be a sprinkling of humor from the office, thus far heavily influenced by high tech with a British edge.

Regarding the photography, my camera is a Canon Powershot S95. While it can shoot both RAW and high def video, most of the shots are taken on Auto as standard jpeg’s, with the video standard as well. It was purchased both because of its capabilities and because it is easily concealed, allowing me to literally “shoot from the hip” at times. This camera and I are still getting to know one another, but it is a love affair in the making. Cape Town and South Africa are very magical, and hopefully this camera will bring a bit more of it into your life as well.