Welcome and a User’s Guide!

!! Major changes in progress! This is currently a demonstration of how a site can evolve over time with the addition of temporary solutions… leading to the current situation where the original hand-coded static site links both to a separate mobile site AND a separate WordPress travel blog. The WordPress theme is old and not adapting well to the addition of new galleries, etc. for the Shibori scarves which needed a new home — fast. The scarves are the current priority (among many others).

This serves as an object lesson regarding the importance of keeping both the WordPress core, theme and plugins updated. When something as central as the theme ceases to be supported, things can and do start to break down. My apologies for any resulting confusion while this waits on me to give it a well-deserved over haul and unite the three into one.

… and back to the blog intro 😉
Having never been a blogger before, choosing to create and host one while very actively living abroad was (predictably) been a journey of it’s own. It began on January 5th, 2011. To begin reading the posts from the beginning it is now necessary to follow the links to the “Older Posts” section. As of August 2011 I am back in Portland, Oregon, but will now be working to fill in the five-month long gap in the posts. I did A LOT, and took over 8000 photos, so there is much to share, and the sorting out is now years behind schedule.

The Portraits page is separate from the main flow of the blog and holds four separate galleries, scheduled for improvement——and now removed form the site until I have time to replace the gallery plugin which stopped working. Apologies, if it is meant to happen it will.

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